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Jane Cai

My little prince

Your hair as gold as the wave in the fields of wheat
Your eyes as pure as the spring in a desert
But your smile disappeared since that moonless night

You told me little by little of the story in your planet
Through your fingering dance on my black and white pet
While you sing a song with the lyric sad a bit

You talk very slow and your words very short
But the melody you play sounds like whirlpools and rapids making the string of my heart flutter

You don’t let go every tiny error or out
Until you are satisfied with your voice lost

Every time you come late
But you leave so hurry like wind without your footstep resonate

Can I tell you yesterday and tomorrow are more like a dream
Any pain and maze are just too small to count for today’s joy and gleam
Life is full of ups and downs but the happiness and fulfillment will certainly come

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