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Jade's Pain

Love & Pain as one! !

Were do I begin... I've been hurt outta love &
I think it's funny how love brings so much pain.
The pain of being lied to, the pain of the jealousy
taken over, & the pain of your body shutting down
because your finally given up, only to find out that the
pain's just begun.
You think it's bad now but just wait, it only gets worse.
I start to feel weaker as though my life's being sucked
outta my body. I wanna give up but cant cause I'm in love.
Love is a cruel thing, it makes you do things that you
normally wouldn't.
Yeah love might be cruel but it's also beautiful. Without love
I wouldn't know what pain really was. It's made
me experience a new part of life that I didn't know
exsisted. I'm in love & in pain, but I'm in pain cause
I'm in love. Love & pain is one of the same.

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