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Jackson Worth

Back Seat Bus Culture

Back Seat Bus Culture,
Draws me towards it like khakis to a vulture.
And they don’t need no plead to indulge ya’
Coz these kids they got phones and ringtone clays to sculpture

They Press play; Say ‘We’re too tired of this silence
And be quiet while we let of our musical sirens
Coz all day we behave to grey faced, teacher Tyrants
No getting stoned, just ringtones, forget violence’.

Ok I have ears but these ‘musical sirens’?
Can I request that your breath speaks of Byron?
‘More street’ you say, then try Armitage, Simon
Coz they has idea’s but got a pen to apply them.

Thanks say the kids, your words taste like those Stella’s
While the girls lick their lips at their track suited fella’s
With all due respect we don’t mean to indulge ya,
But were onto some new stuff, it’s called Back Seat Bus Culture.

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