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Ivy Saldana

Husband Where Are You?

Can you feel the music play? I think about you everyday, husband of mine where are you?

I see you arms around me as, your growing love surrounds me, can you feel it to, husband where are you?

There music in my heart, I don’t know just where to start, the universe has told me my love about you. Husband of mine, when we meet our eye’s won’t turn and our hearts will forever yearn, letting us know we are for each other.

I waited all so long, met the one’s that were all wrong, husband of mine I know your coming for me.

I see your eye’s! I see you smiling! When we make love it all our hearts yearning.

Husband of mine, please come for me I know it time for us to meet, I can even smell the smells around you.. We read the same books yeah, the sprit of the universe surrounds me, the sprit of the universe surrounds you.

The day we meet you will say, I waited day after day, for the softness of your beauty.

Husband of mine you finally found me, Husband of mine your love surrounds me.

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