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Ian McArthur

I am fully dressed

Hey Important Here Read This: warning, this poem is sexually explicit! I'm fairly sure it doesn't actually break any particular rules, but its edgy enough so if your under age or offended by the implications below, or have any kind of qualm about this, please don't say I didn't give a fore word of warning. If someone can point out to me that this piece in some way DOES break some kind of rule, please let me know so that I can remove it without trouble (might take some time.)

Alright than... This poem is pretty much just a written account with some, but surprisingly little, poetic licence taken to depict a good memory of mine. I think it also conveys a bit about who I can be at times, but the poem itself is rather raw and unedited, which is the way I've always preferred them to be. I'd rather this to be read as a narrative poem that Happens to be sexual, and not a sex story that happens to be a poem. (Note that sex doesn't actually occur) ...I'm rambling again... Read, consider, comment please.

I am fully dressed
as we brush each others legs
any painter would conclude
scene of the artful passion nude

My hand rolls across her skin
Like glaciers caress the earth
Just as slowly, I torment her
Patient, I observe.

She mentions her protectives, and their purpose.
I decline, no cherry popped.

The moon keeps its eye open
jealously it listens to her sigh

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