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Honesty Oimbo

United States Of America

THE earths come together
And accede to bow our heads with deference
To the light of the world,
For in the beginning the light said a word,
And the utterance was in the hearts of every American
And it was with the people,
So there was peace and water in the world.
It is the land of America,
Where winter comes every year
Chilling the blood of her populace,
So it is the terra firma of humble America
On which the sun shines day and night,
People working every second bit of their lives
For there is not a night on the land
That would set off these people remember their beds;
And down the curve of years, down
Its battered chronicles of tearful history-
The gaining of sovereignty from the British;
The misapprehension between Negroes and the white man,
The detachment all through the First World War

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