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Hiram Sims

The Expenses of an Urban Slave

Car Insurance, so the Po-Pos won’t tow my ride again: $123
Rent, so I won’t have to move back to my Mama’s Couch: $1100
Internet, so I can delet Penis Enlargement emails in my Inbox: $60
Cell Phone, so I can text message people I don’t want to talk to: $50
Cable, so I can watch Flavor Flav set Black people back 50 years: $65
Car note, so I can avoid musty, overly friendly people on the bus: $247
Sallie Mae, because they tricked me: Deferment
The LA Superior Court, because parking in a Handicap spot when you can walk fine offends people: $300
Being a severely broke, upstanding American Citizen: Priceless

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