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Hemang Desai

Celebrating the Immersion of Elephant-Headed Hulk

How do you feel O hulk
being left deliberately half-immersed in the shallow water
for the by passers to cast sadistic glance
craning your head desperately above the salty waters
hankering for breath
seeing the sea world for the last time
waiting hopelessly for dissolution.

you realize the horror of slow self-diminishing
wearing away when you thought you had not enough
of life and love
of clumsy clay and flushing doves
drowning prematurely after the silly second
when you thought you had to eat the ladoos at home and go riding on your
rodent bike to friend’s birthday party eschewing homework
seeing whining darkness, ballooning big and heavy in mind
creating vacuum suction in ears, nose and stomach
floating feather-like into the bottomless valley of unknown
losing grip on the fading straw of consciousness

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