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Hedi Vlacich

Black And White So Alike

In my journey in life, I met many people and many issues
and I used many tissues, cried many tears thru the years.
I found people of color are similar to white and alike
in so many ways, they have feelings like white people
and maybe even more, people say to me why you bother
with people of color, I say people are people, color
and white are so alike, have feelings so alike and they
can bond like anyone else, talk for hours and laughs
about little things and big things.

People of color and white are so alike I am greatful to have
met special people in my life, make me feel good when I am down,
make me laugh when I cry, tell me its okay to feel sad, and thats
not bad to feel down sometimes because thats how it is, People of color and white so alike in many ways, they share sorrow and pain, cry
and laugh together, have long or short lunch or just walk
around corner its still something to talk about.

People of color and white so alike in many ways and thats what I say
and I will miss my friend now that she moved on, but our friendship stayed on....

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