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Hasan Adan

When your hero falls

when your heros falls
your heart ceases to exist
all sense of moral values sent to a 6 ft ditch
God, please dont forget me
when your hero falls
your world is so bleak
who's there to inspire me teaching from the prophets (pbuh) got me thinking.
when your hero falls
and you see their hurt
unable to do the superhuman things they use to do
God, please dont forget me
and when i die i hope i'm buried a true muslim and join the ranks of those who helped and showed love to each other
its funny the people who inspire me have mostly passed away my mother the sole survivor of my list of heroes,
I shed a tear when i read Pac's Poem about his hero's fall
its gotten me on my knees hoping my mother never falls
God, please dont forget me and have mercy on those who died life was short for all of us, reading a homicide and scences from a murder scene leaves my soul aged and stressed.
when your hero falls
you cease to function, the everyday activites are thrown out of balance
its why we need find the strength to live and keep your hero's memories alive and never lose faith in god

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