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Harley My Last Name

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry i cant be who you want me to.
I'm sorry i'm not the perfect daughter.
I'm sorry i cant always show my emotions.
I'm sorry i fall to fast.
I'm sorry i cant live my life the way you want.
I'm sorry i dont give up that easy on love.
I'm sorry i get mad for all the wrong reasons.
I'm sorry i loose interest.
I'm sorry i like the night sky.
I'm sorry i'm not like you.
I'm sorry i live a rollercoaster.
I'm sorry i dont have high expectations in life.
I'm sorry my lifes not made of goals.
I'm sorry i hide the real me.
I'm sorry i dont want to be famous.
I'm sorry i cant be part of a crowd.
I'm sorry i like being alone.
I'm sorry my musics to dark.
I'm sorry my love feels so far away.
I'm sorry i was made to be different.

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