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Habib Jalib

America–A Black Wall

The brand is that of Harnam Das, but the benefit goes to America
The fools are trying that the sun of America does not set.
The poor had tears in their eyes in the past, they are still in sorrow.
Birla is celebrating Diwali, but the oil burning in his lamp belongs to America.

All the oppressed of the world have discovered this secret,
That America has encamped under the shades of the wealthy.

America is just a broker, everybody knows this fact.
That’s why, O friend, I detest the name of America.

To live at the strength of others is not a manly thing.
We will recognise you Jalib, if you reject the obligation of America.

India belongs to me, and Pakistan too is mine.
But America has pitched its tent in both the countries.
While eating the wheat given in aid, we have been cheated.
Don’t ask us, how much we’ve praised America’s whims and vagaries.

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