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Grace Roberts

Why Oranges Are Beautiful

In total frankness,
I bear no particular fondness towards any of the fruits.
I'm sure there are nut-jobs who are obsessed by oranges (or indeed amazed by apples, captured by coconuts or plum-tuckered-out with enthusiasm for plums) .
Yet, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
And, more than once, have I found myself with stinging beauty beholders after citrus juice squirted into them.
If oranges are beautiful,
And I have had their beauty in my beholders on more than one clumsy occasion,
Then surely if I behold hard enough I shall be favoured with their beauty?
They are (after all) a lovely colour,
And my favourite juice (above no other) .
Also, how very satisfying they are to peel.
And they do provide a taste of the exotic.
Under waxy peel (if I were to wax poetic) ,
I see delicate white veins tangle over sweet flesh,
Where baby seeds wait and rest.
And how easy the segments are to share.
I mean,
Perhaps if the Evil Queen, had poisoned an orange rather than an apple,
She would have got a lot more done that day.

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