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Gankhu Sumnyan

Reply to Save the Children ad

I would have donated, I would have
If only I had a bit more money
Money not to spend on myself
Or on luxurious un-necessities
But money that floated free,
Belonged to nowhere, hinged to nothing,
Money that did not belong to my suitcase,
Nor to my jeans pocket, or my wallet.
But money that the Unseen One had sent,
Or fruit of my possible labour, not of scrupulous savings,
Not from not giving tips to waiters, or from cutting down on my drinks,
But money, you know, that had a good heart,
Good will, and clean intentions, to provide something to a needy child
Who, if you will know, will have her own world,
Her palaces, her fairies, her roads, her jeeps,
Her own little stream, her own boats, her friends
And her family, just like me.
And then on a glittering day, of my money a new school-bag,
A geometry kit, set of books and to top it,
A smiley attached to the bag,

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