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Gandhali Bhadekar

He Escaped His Tiny Hand From Her Greasy One And Hopped...

He escaped his tiny hand from her greasy one and hopped
She ran behind him,
He careless, full of gushing blood under him
She worried avoiding dirty ditches, shouting concerned warnings
He turning a deaf ear to them with an innocent naughty smile
Running away to somewhere unknown
She desperate to catch hold of him,
might even slap him tightly after nabbing by his sweaty collar
He, just, so damn happy to gulp a big sip of freedom!
Both of their hearts pumping, thumping hard,
Noses and ears feeling hot flush of airs
Running for his life
His eyes full of excited wishes to run over all the land on this earth
Her arms anxious to grasp her apple of eye
And prohibit all the possible injuries to him
He incapable to understand the bigger meaning of life
She known to all the secrets of world
He full of ecstasy, excitement, life, thriller running to live
She full of love, care, worry, anxiety running for his life
As if they would run this way for ages,

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