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Gabby Lewis

What Is Beauty

what is beauty?
beauty to most is the appearance of others and thats what they judged on,
but to the people who step back from the world beauty is much more then that,
beauty is personality and the way u cary yourself,
beauty is looking in the the eyes of a lover,
beauty is a new day shining on the harisen,
the ability to start over and change your mind,
its telling the truth when its easier to lie,
beauty is a new babe in the arms of a loving mother,
beauty is a person with a heart who can love unconditionally and rise above the insults of closed minded men and women out there that think sex and appearance is all that maders in life,
beauty is letting your tiers show to everyone and not feel that your weak,
its standing up and letting the world know your there and your not going to back down no mader what it throws at u,
beauty is knowing that a heart of ice or stone it’s still a heart but is not been worked on enough to see what’s under the surfes

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