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Francine Pangelinan

Miracle or Not

I’m the kind of girl who stays at home hoping for a miracle
A miracle that would help us all
We are in a world that doesn’t give a crap about what we do or what we can do
But it’s cool because when there’s a hero that hero will be you
You can help the world be a better place
Stop the discrimination and all the hate
I mean who are you to be calling anyone a hurtful name?
I know I have done those things and it puts me to shame
And yes I am the one and only one to blame
I shouldn’t have let those people get into my head
Should have helped out the victim instead
Now in days people are committing suicide
Just because they can no longer hide
Hide from the pain; hide from the shame that has been brought to their name
The victims may think that they are the weakest link
But in reality the bully is weaker than they think
They are too afraid of the future and what is going to come
No one can stop the things that are going to be done
A miracle or not what is going to happen will happen
Because karma will always come back around and you’ll be sorry for what you’ve done back then

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