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Faith Toney

Regrets Held

Ripping tearing pulling shedding demolished
all what’s left of my internals
I stand above looking down on my body
too much for me handle
it wasn’t the pain that got to me it was the unrecognizable fear
the fear of loss
a loss of love a loss of forgiveness
so much to be given but not to me
that road will never again be walked
not to be remember the same
death lies below
unstilted in a breathless body
once to beheld by a boy
a boy who tore it to nothing
given the world and yet uncovered nothing
stupid as he was to a girl who excepted his warming hands
the warmth in her heart has hardened with her death weight
left alone in a box to forever to be remember as a once living thing
to the people who pass her
in search of answers of their own

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