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Emmy Morin

Yesterday he brought me a rose

And it wasn't our anniversary
But he slapped me the day before
Thinking that I'm his adversary
Then he shoved me, then he kicked me
Then he punched me, but I bit my tongue
Because after all he's my man and he loves me
I'm not so sure and I might be wrong
I think he loves me, he brought me flowers
Sometimes he strikes me, he sometimes beats me
But last night, he raped me in the shower
This morning he brought me a dozen roses
He says he's sorry, but again he hurt me
Again he slapped me, and then he dragged me
But then he kissed me, and then he hugged me
Tonight is special, there are more flowers
There is flowers near my head, flowers near my feet
Again I felt the pain tonight it was so deep
There is candles on my side and people walk by me
Tonight is special and its my funeral
This morning my husband killed me

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