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Emmanuelle Sanders

D'Un Certain Âge

I'd often wonder, 'What's with my age?
What; s with it that people get enraged? '
I mean, come on, I'm only twelve, OK,
Can't I do things my way?

They would tell me, 'Dude, you're too young,
Get out of here, ' then they'll treat me like dung.
What is this, discrimination and such?
It irritates me very much!

Some would utter, 'It's alright, you'll be fine,
Being young isn't actually a crime.'
But on the back of their minds, they would say,
'Shut up young lass, you'd be alone someday.'

What's the big deal, is it wrong,
To use your own tunes to make your own song?
Do you have to make me suffer this much,
Even though I'm not doing any wrongs or such?

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