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Emmaline Ortiz

Of Katrina and Ketsana

Sometimes it takes a stormy weather, to unite the people and pray together
Sometimes it takes a stormy weather, to teach the people to help one another
Sometimes it takes a stormy weather, to remind us that material things do not matter
What matters most in the land of our forefathers, is to love one another.

When bad things happen to good people, perhaps we say life is so unfair
But when good things happen to bad people, to fight their evil deeds, why we never care
Sometimes our lives must be shaken, with events like this to be awaken
So that Jesus' name must not be forgotten.
Remember, when he died on the cross, all our sins were forgiven.

Make peace everywhere, count your blessings, give your share
For every nature's tantrums, we should always prepare
No one is exempted, each one will have his own tragedy to bear.

September 28,2009
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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