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Emile Segue

What A Woman Wants

Damn what do these women want from us? Well i think they want respect, attention, affection, consideration, sexual pleasure(on those steamy nights) , to be pampered every once in a while, to be surprised every now and then lets them know we are thinkin of them other than when your around them, for their man to show them off and let every one know we feel they are our prize.Respect your woman dont look at other women. Respect her opinion and take all things she says into consideration. some women just want companionship and stability if u dont have it how can u offer it. a woman wants a man who doesnt love her jus for her looks or body but also appreciates and cherishes it. a woman wants to be happy not stressed overworked and underappreciated and a man who doesnt mind breakin his pride and attitude for her. a man who would trade anything in the world not to have her but jus to see her smile. only because if loved her the way he say he did her and her smile would be his diamond.RESPECT ATTENTION LOVE AFFECTION HONESTY AND LOYALTY will decide if ur relaltionship lasts or shud i say if u last

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