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Eiz Qarqash

Some Whispers Provoked a Wife to Lie

We were sitting, and a vernal breeze playing,
Yet she was looking, he wasn't any attention paying.
A passing concubine granted her part for the playing breeze
And whispered in the man's ears,
Then, gone with the wind
She just wanted her greetings to send.

The wife started to gasp,
Consoling herself it was a mishap.
He, a daydreamer, caught of his wife a glimpse
Trembling, shaking, and raging were her lips.
Were the concubine's whispers uproarious?
Or was his love thought to be glorious?

She'd twist the veil of expressionless.
She'd put on an edifice of deceitfulness.
And ask, 'would an infant loathe his father? '
Some whispers had a wife her husband to bother.

The husband, daydreaming of the whispers footsteps

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