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Delaney Rose

When The Princess Becomes The Dragon

Everything reminds me of you
Every song, every book, every hero to every story.
You could be the hero
You always try to be the hero
You could be my hero
The white knight at the end of my fairytale.
Could have: would be IF the princess wasn't the dragon.

Some people shouldn't be saved
Some people should only save.
Everything needs to be earned
So pardon me if I don't hand myself over to you.
Not that I'm worth all the work,
But it's become clear that I'm worth more than you're willing to pay.

I'm all closed up, no part of me is free.
And your empty promises aren't worth shit.
Those rushed excuses that always manage to put the blame on me for your stupid hurtful actions.

So, I'm sorry for all the shit I've dragged you through

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