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Deborah Cromer

The Kite-Part 1

I once was the kite, a beautiful, flying kite
I soared the sky, I dipped and swooped with all of my might
You were the tree, my tree, growing tall inside my yard
Growing tall and healthy, your strength mighty and hard
One day, unknown to all as to why, I got stuck
Stuck on your highest branch, freedom was no luck
The longer I was there, the more entangled I became
Tighter and tighter, knotted in my prison-like game
With every sharp wind, from every sharp word from you
I wrapped around more and more, as your ugly words blew
A tangled mess so bad, I was left atop this tree
This relationship tree I once depended upon, now traps and keeps me
Through storms of bad fights, your emotional wind blows
I get whipped and battered, around in knots my life goes
During angry weather, my body gets ripped and beat
Thrashed against this tree, where branches were my treat
The shade the leaves offered me, when the days were bright
Now is dark with mystery, keeping in secret the life of my kite
I am still there, for all to everyday see, although my color is gone
Faded and weathered, ripped and torn, endlessly trapped, I hang on

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