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Davina Teeling

My Daddy

My daddy was never there for me.
My daddy always drank.
My daddy told me I was worthless and unworthy of his time.
My daddy was the one who made me, but also broke me.

My daddy never came to my birthday parties.
My daddy came to my 5Th grade graduation drunk as can be.
My daddy would walk into my room every night with a belt in his hand.
My daddy was the one who shattered all my dreams.

My daddy wouldn't let me sleep until he hit me.
My daddy would tell me I'm nothing but a piece of crap.
My daddy was the one who tore my life into pieces.
My daddy is not my daddy any more...
He can be your daddy if you'll take him.

That man I called my daddy, he never was truly a daddy.

But he was still my daddy.

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