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David Lawrence

He Wishes Upon The Evening Star

A small child sits upon a stump in the middle of the pasture
amid chirping crickets and glowing lightning bugs.
Looking up into the twilight,
a lone star twinkles, as if to say, “I am listening.”
He considers his words carefully, for such opportunities should not be wasted.
He knows he must finish this conversation before the other stars appear.
He recites a nursery rhyme.
“Star light, star bright…”
He wishes childlike: one word.

A young boy runs through the woods playing Hide and Seek,
laughter and voices echoing through the trees.
He steps into a clearing and looks up to the Heavens.
The first star hangs expectantly in the air.
He stands alone, outcast among the other children
as two by two, the couples dance.
He recites his mantra.
“Star light, star bright…”
He whispers two words as he is tagged “It”.

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