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David H Blanchett Jr

Truth Behind Truth

This is the account of me and my expirience. For in my series of inconcievable events this sole one brought me to that state of intellectual nirvana, and quickly transformed me into an ever jubulant person.For when this happened me and my bretheren, which were known as 'The Council' were on a quest, as you would say. A life long journey that cost many of my bretherens lives. But still we searched, ever vigulant for the one that would either bring us salvation for us all...or the destruction of our abominated lives. We searched for the one that Legend calls....

Thy Brothers Keeper

Because what is Thy Brother's Keeper consist of?
Is it this specimen that we supposively call a man,
Who lurks around with its feeble stand?

It said it could walk
And it said it could run
But from observance...its more like a caveman
Trying to evolve into a civilized bum

And he stands here before us
This man, warrior, dreamer
The Council awestruck glare at eachother and exclaim
'Is this Thy Brother's Keeper?

How could it be
Its a missconception

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