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Dave Shemeley

Shadows Fall

Shadows had been casted way back when, but the light will be there till the end
Misery is not in sight, for the future brings a stronger light
The light of thee and the light of thou, skeptics question

It's the fuel that drives this flame, nothing but love no one to blame
Friendship at hand and at the side, only the bad man will run and hide
Times our tough and rough this is true, no more pain in the rain that's all but blue

This light will blind you if unaware, casting that shadow how you dare
Shadows weaken as the light is glowing, one more light has joined see 'em growing
Those in the dark and in self tormoil, may only find their peace in earth's soil

Sad to say that not all is well, shadows casted by the one's that live in hell
Shadows weaken day by day, the light grows stonger truth in what I say
The chains that bind will be unbound, back in your hell play with the hound

Blame this soul or that one too, shadows will fall how so true
It started a long time ago, nothing can be done except see it grow

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