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Dan Byron

Spanish Lessons

Romantic languages hold the greatest history in my life.
Born into a French speaking home, English remained quite unknown.
In primary school the teachers insisted that French be left home.
Secondary school brought the language of ancient Rome.

French and Latin provided a vocabulary of such richness,
That I found I could think in emotions and speak in images.
Used in everyday conversation produced interesting visages
On the faces of the audience not prepared for linguistic pillages.

Spanish would be a romantic trifecta, and would be of most use.
Latin has continually lost favor since the time of St. Jerome
French while of some use, for me, has not been spoken since home.
This line is of no use, ‘cept I need a rhyme, for example, chrome.

Te amo con todo mi corazón* spoken in a soft lover’s whisper
Provides Spanish a romantic richness and a sensual tone
Warmth and love deep enough to call it my own.
But why take classes at this time in my life?

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