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Cornell Sandifer

The End In Sight

I ponder these thoughts! its now 2012
The year of Armageddon, were all off to hell
The reasons to why, are strange and varied
I heard someone blamed the Virgin Mary
Like rain drops un seen into a darken well
How much man can hate, no one yet can tell
So our end results are still not known
As we the people, a nation still not grown
With Itunes in are ears, as we pass each other by
Step over the homeless, who need reasons why
We drive! we Text! don't you get in my way
So many killed and maned each and every day
Now off to War! to claim our next Plunder
How do we know what really takes us under
Me frist! on Black Friday, is the rallying cry
Stampeded and Stomped only the weak die
Now off to Facebook, a tweed if i may
I wish i could stay, but Gods on his way
Blacks and Whites still cant see eye to eye
Good enough a reason for somebody to die

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