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Cole Troyer

My Cinderella

We used to love, we used to dance.
But something happened to make the love vanish.
The dance ended as my Cinderella left me, slipping through my hands like the sands of time.

Now I'm hiding all my pain as I wonder if she's doing the same. Everyone asks if I'm fine, and that I'll move on someday, and I know this is true, but for now, I want my Cinderella back.

It hurts to think about it, no matter what I do, the dreams of the past haunt me.The laughs, smiles, hugs, dates, and kisses. They all won't leave me alone, as I keep wanting her back, nights of restless sleep for a few weeks.

I act like I'm fie, but in reality, I just want her to give me one more chance, perhaps a dance. We would dance slowly, just like before, and I would smile, because I would have my Cinderella back.

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