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Cindy Mesa

All i want is happiness

Nobody understands me, they don't feel my pain but some how they think these meds will cure me or help me cope they are all wrong!
Suicide will help me relax.
Suicide is the answers to all my problems.
People tell me i shouldn't be scared and that killing myself will make me a coward.
They are all wrong i say you don't understand!
Yes we do and this isn't a problem so don't kill yourself.PLEASE!
All of them are outside my mother, father, brothers, sisters, and girlfriend, and even the cops with a negotiator.
Why can't they let me be happy?
All i want to do is play a game with my gun!
I don't care anymore it's my life and i'll end it if i want to!
I begin to play Russian roulette
1 turn i pull the trigger and BANG!

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