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Ciara Owens

Unwanted Dreams

She's caught in a twist of fate
Not knowing whether to love or hate
Bleeding more with each breath she breathes
She's as dead as a tree without any leaves
Cold, and all alone in the dark of the night
This is her rock bottom after her lowest flight
Burning her eyes with every tear she cries
After all the cheating, denying and lies
She only wants to leave this place behind
But she forces a smile and pretends its alright
What else can she do? Where else can she turn?
The only thing left is her life to burn
All those pictures of a once upon a time
A fairytale turned nightmare, left behind
Her Cinderella dream turned to unwanted things
Though she'd love to leave, to fly away on angel's wings
I looked in the mirror and remembered this face
And how it once was one i tried to erase
The dust that's covered this broken heart of mine
Is now lost somewhere in the sands of time

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