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Christopher Taber

The Last Of The Romantics

Romanticism is dying away,
Those of us it was bred into are
Being snuffed out of society
The days of practicing propriety have come to an end
So slowly we dwindle away
We are the last petals on the red rose
Drifting away one by one
Our profession, that of the helpless romantic
Is no longer wanted
We are no longer wanted
We are no longer needed
Our deeds were not heeded
Common courting of the day consists of
Getting torn up then tearing that ass up
There is no more wining and dining
Or the holding of doors and pulling out chairs
Candle light dinners, or nights spent under the stars
The era of the “gentleman” has come to an end
Passion and compassion seeped out of society as drugs took their place
So where did all the poets and the playwrights go?

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