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Christopher Litten

A fish

He said 'there are plenty of fish in the sea.
All you have to do is go swimming to see.'

True, it would be easy to accomplish this.
But catching a fish... is not what I wish.
What fun would that be, to fish.
I need something better then that...A fish.

'Ha! , You fool that does not exist.'

My friend sometimes you should open your eyes.
Because catching everything that swims by, is not always the prize.
What if I told you to dig deep instead.

'Then I would say there is something wrong with your head.'

Perhaps you would be right, I'm sure it would be a tougher fight.
Digging hole after hole for something that is not in sight.
But what if I stumbled across a clam at the bottom of this sea.
So shiny...So bright it made all the other fish a terrible site.

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