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Chrissie Scriven

My Vengence Song

All alone with nothing to lose
vengence is sweeter, only if i choose,
A lifetime of revenge to all that done me wrong
getting hit or pushed around, this is my vengece song.

I'll sing it loud, i'll sing it proud for all of them to hear,
My vengence song carries me on and says there's nothing to fear.

Vengence is sweeter than ever before, as i press on i am wanting much more,
My vengence song is still going on, after years of revenge im not feeling so strong.

The years are still passing, my time is near done,
it's time now for my song to be sung.

But was it all worth it all those years of hate,
im now living behind bars i guess now it's too late.

My vengence song has now been sung so goodbye to the hate and malisious ways of the person i had become.

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