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Chiqui Babykin

Journey Knowing Pain

The ‘JOURNEY’ of life is full of so many mysteries,
Almost never giving the answers we would to hear.
Cruel and hard as it seems,
The journey continues from day to day,
Week to week, month to month and year in and year out.
Sometimes we feel this journey is so meaningless,
Emptiness fills our hearts, we sadden, we bleed,
Find ourselves without a face
Not wanting to go on any longer
Asking and seeking…is it really worthwhile
To suffer each day so relentlessly
No horizon to been seen, stars they don’t shine
Rainbows have no colours, the sun cold,
Cold as ice, raindrops become your tears,
The wind your inner fears,
The ocean mixing up your emotions.
Flowers wilt as so does your soul,
Songs become just a tune without melody,
The beautiful lyric you once heard
Is deaf to the ear.

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