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Charles Rodriguez

Maybe Next Time.

Today is the day theres no doubt,
I'm gonna talk to her, I'm gonna let it all out.
I'm walking with such confidence, bravery, I'm so Prepared.
But on the inside, why have I never been so scared?

I've been thinking about it all night,
I know what I'm gonna say, that smile of hers ever so bright.
This is no delusion, this is real,
But how does she truly feel?

I'm nervous, shyness is engulfing my mind and actions,
My mind is going blank, my thoughts are such distractions.
Time is flying by, its the last minute! Where did it all go?
I seem to have misplaced it, I need courage! Oh no.

My overflowing thoughts have been subjected to a drought,
I need courage to stand out.
Courage to be me,
This courage I wish I had so drastically!

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