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Charles Hughes

Whence We Came

We whom sway not our fertile seed
Mute are we in our conception
Absent are the concept of time and memory
Oblivious are we to our tether eons binding
Unresisting, our soul instilled
Divine action distinctively molds
Unsullied, we embark on life's journey anew
To wit, our epic moment arrives
Hope gleams? Favoring arms await?

With consciousness endowed, thus stirs the will
Heirs to universal wonders, absolutes soon to be denied
Conflicts ensue, paradoxical immortals we simply resolve to be
Illusionists too inclined, veiled imageries easily entice
Impassioned, roads well traveled subtly beguile
Reluctantly, life's impasses too often realized
Pretense, oh fragile bastion
Welcomed balm that cloaks that hides

Beginnings too quickly end and our end too quickly arrives

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