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Carrie D'Amato

Perceptions of Pink

You asked me the other day if I saw in pink.
I wasn’t so much surprised by the question
(because I knew neon was how you saw the world)
as I was caught off-guard by it;
no one ever asked me if I saw in color before.

I gave you the first answer that came to mind–
No. I saw the world in cliches and over-used metaphors.
I told you I love anything average and sappy.
Yet, I started thinking more about pink;
specifically, a handmade, chenille, pastel-pink blanket.

I brought my textured pink close enough to examine,
I saw the threads that were frayed, the ones soft with use,
and the occasional red and white strings not hidden well enough.
I saw the craftsmanship: the passion that moves into forms
and the discipline it takes to create.

If you were to walk by me and my blanket of cliches,
you would say you saw a handmade, chenille, pastel-pink blanket.

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