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Carli Smith

Ode to 80's Music and How I Adore It

My English teacher wanted an ode, so I gave her one...

My expression is troubled as I sit in my chair
“An ode? ” I scream as I pull at my hair

“My muses have left me! My brains turned to mush!
My fingers are broken! The keys just won’t push! ”

A million excuses my mind does enact
As I jig in my chair, spellbound by Fleetwood Mac

Writer’s block binds me; I shiver in my shoes
I bob my head silently to the B-52’s

“Crack is Whack” I despairingly type
Ms. Houston I hear, Bobby no where in sight

The Purple Haze surrounds me; my inspiration is blocked
Like a Virgin I tremble; I Wanna Rock!

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