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Candi Lynn

Frosty the Snow Dog

Frosty the Snow Dog, is a very lucky dog,
From a surprise beginning to a winning rescue on MAESSR's blog.

Frosty the Snow Dog, knew just what she had to do
When her rescue came it wouldn't be the same. she just had to make it thru

There must have been a reason why it happened all that day
Out of five, she made the strive, to make sure it went her way
For Frosty the Snow dog was as glad as she could be
She was on her way, that special day, to make sure I would agree.

Woofity woof woof, woofity woof woof, look at Frosty go
Woofity woof woof, woofity woof woof, as she planned it so!

Frosty the Snow Dog knew the ride would be real long
So she played the part to win my heart, and sang her special song.
Frosty the Snow Dog, thru all the twists and turns
Of the road ahead, she made her bed on my lap to make me learn.
That I came down that special day to pick her up and save
From being in a shelter, to a beloved pet I gave.

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