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Bill Marcy

Rap-sody in Blue

All these rappers be laconically commensurate
Prosaic, characterized primarily by barbarity
Permeating vulgarity, it ceaselessly proliferates
Rhyming inconsequentially with no deference to sincerity

Enter now, a young sesquipedalian
Whose lyrics substantiate an act so vaudevillian
Relinquished to denial of aspirations of fruition,
Contrived to combat by inglorious juxtaposition.

With no prospected pervasion of passive placation,
Persistence is paramount to sovereignly surmount
The rancorous prejudice, emulated by convention
Perceivable as vociferous self-gratification

My antipathy towards this ostentatious trumpery
Is equivalent to the art form's possible potency
Because those who are cognizant of its profound potential
Must too envision that to rap, savagery is all but quintessential.

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