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Bikram Baniya

I Love U Mom.......

(this 1 i wrote for a friend of mine when she lost her mom)
as the sun hides behind the mountain in the evening.
the memories of my mom comes in my mind running.
and slowly the tears ro0l down my eyes and touches my lips.
how shall i explain now, mom u r d only thing that i miss.

i look at the shooting star n wish to be with my mom.
god took her for no reason, isnt that so wrong.
whose hand should i hold now, who will sit always next to me.
i am so alone withour her, how can GOD not even see.

who will correct my mistakes, who is gonna care for me now.
the world is so tough to survive, i will have to fight but how.
i know ur blessings are always with me bt i wish u were here to.
so that i would pass every challenges n every obstacles that i go through.

i miss the way ur soft hands warmed me everytime u touched.
bt wat i miss is the way this mom's gal used to be loved.
life is not so easy, i may lose my track.
i need u so much right now mom plz come back: (

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