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Barbara Danielle Smith

This is what happens when I get bored..

Once, there lived two twin fairies. Even though they were sisters, they had been best friends. One day they were walking home, and they saw the hottest pixie they had ever seen. They immediately both wanted him. They started arguing over him. So loud, in fact, that the pixie asked,
“Ladies! Why are you arguing so loud? ”
They both looked at him and the blonde fairy answered with a question,
“Which one of us will you have as your girlfriend? ” The redhead fairy butted in and said,
“Yes, do tell my ignorant sister that you will have me.” The blonde fairy became enraged and slapped her sister in the face. The redheaded fairy, in response, slapped her back. Before long, they were on the ground, wrestling. The pixie had to shout in order to get them to stop.
“GIRLS! GIRLS! Let’s be mature about this.” He paused. “All fighting should be done in the ring.” Suddenly, a wise dragonfly buzzed up.
“What’s all this nonsense? ” he asked in a scraggly voice.
“I want him! ” both fairies shouted simultaneously. The pixie added with a smirk,
“Look, old uh fly; we don’t need your help. They are fighting, I am watching, and you need to go away.” The pixie fluttered his hand at the dragonfly, signaling for him to leave.
The dragonfly pondered the situation for a moment, and then he whistled. The ground started to shake and a low growl was heard. Almost as soon as it was felt, it was gone and a huge and very mean looking wolf stood before them. The dragonfly weakly pointed to the pixie. The pixie screamed in a very high-pitched tone and started running. The wolf, hungrily, chased after him. The fairies stood before the dragonfly, frozen with shock.
“Listen, young fairies, ” the dragonfly started, scratching his head, “You both have been best friends and sisters since the day you were born, yes? ” The fairies nodded.
“Well, no matter how hot a pixie is, you should never let him come between what you guys share. Don’t let anything ever ruin your friendship. It’s far more worth it to have a best friend for life than a hot pixie for a week. Okay? ” Without giving them a chance to answer, he buzzed away.
After moments of silence, the blonde fairy spoke first.
“I’m sorry.”
“Me too, ” the redheaded fairy responded.
“Let’s never fight again, promise? ” the blonde fairy asked. They both nodded and hugged for closure. They continued walking on, and lived happily ever after, as the best of friends.

[I was knocked up on so much Benadryl that night]

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