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Bailey Burris

Hey, dad.

Hey dad, thanks for showing me you don’t really care.
And thanks for saying you won’t always be there.
And hey dad, thanks for showing me what I’m really worth
And always making me feel like dirt
Hey dad, thanks for being fair,
And telling me nether you or the world care
Hey dad thanks for telling me I’m worth shi t,
At the same time everyone else did
Hey dad, thanks for hearing me cry,
And never even caring why
Hey dad, thanks for seeing I hurt,
And still decide to treat me like dirt
Hey dad thank you for being hard,
And always playing the “bad seed” card.
Hey dad, thanks for the good work ethic.
And telling me everyone else can f it.
Also, telling me no boy wont like me more.
For what’s on the outside, for being a whore.
Hey dad, thanks for showing me work
Is more important then the children your wife birthed

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