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Au moins l'ces Est plus forte

Away from the thunder

Son of the wicked. Or so you wonder.By the willow tree, and away from the thunder.Have you ever dared to hold out your hand to me? I doubt you think i might judge thee. I cannot say, though I am not pure. Their cruel world is tainted, there is no cure.We are not of this world. As we both see it. We were sent to undersatnd, not to fit. But you Gabriel, are far more worth than I. Rose, a name so simple never amounts to anything. Gabriel, so strong willed. While I, so fragile am nothing. Our paths cross in a holocaust. we are safe, but others lost. Gabriel, one day you'll tell me the things most private. You don't say much. For you are completely silent We lie face to face. to comprehend, to wonder. Hiding away, finding our peace. Under our willow tree and away from the thunder.

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