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Ashley Flock

Distorted Beauty

She was a small girl, the proof being the tiny soccer cleats
lying on the floor, and the low down marks on the wall
marking her height; and the pictures on her wall show
she is the only brunette in a family of blondes; the belts
lying on her floor had extra holes poked in them
to accommodate for her unnatural skinniness;
her clothes consisted of dark colors meant to keep
her constantly hidden in the background.

Her room was always messy, she was never
organized enough to keep it clean; and pictures
had been painted onto the walls as proof of
her artistic talent; she did not have any clothes
with horizontal stripes, she was too afraid
they might make her look fat; Her school
books are scattered on her desk, all with many
dog-eared and well-worn pages.

In the morning she sleeps in just long enough
to rush out the door without breakfast; at lunch

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