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Apphia Garcia

Aspirations To Be Met

Poetry is me.
I write about the struggles in life
and all my calamities.
The obstacles beset by and all of life's anxieties.

Or I may write of my success,
The fights fought and won,
How I would have raised my head above the water.
Things that I would have thought were stumbling blocks but turned into stepping stones.
I will write of how I became successful.

But I have a dream.
A dream that I will be able to write about the seemingly less important things in life.
Things that society did not stamp their stamp on as priority.
Like a ball, a tree, a toothbrush or even a bicycle-tyre.
To be able to write on the little things that add meaning to what it means to live.

These are things to be accomplished,
Visions to see,
Goals and aspirations to be met.

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